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Sockcess [Apr. 30th, 2013|10:32 am]


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 Having completed The List (see yesterday's post) I can now show you some of the socks.  Only eight of the eleven pairs I've knitted so far because I sent three pairs off to Mum early this month, while the weather was still cold, so she could get some wear from them this winter/spring.

   So, in no particular order, these are my socks - standard sock pattern, toe-up construction, stocking stitch, short-row heel, in Wendy Roam Fusion.  See how you can knit interesting looking socks with very basic skilz!

  Interlocking Leaves socks, also mine, also toe-up construction (w00t!), in Cygnet wool rich sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon (as are the other plain colour socks).  These illustrate one of the difficulties of internet shopping.  I thought I was getting a reasonable shade of green yarn.  They are actually darker than this.

  More socks for me, this time in Crazy Zauberball sock yarn 'Faint Glimmer'.  I did try to start both socks at similar colour points in the yarn but this yarn appears to not  have a regular colour-repeat sequence, so they are Fraternal socks.  Besides which, at £10 per 100g, I was unwilling to waste yarn!

  Chevron stripe socks, in a self-striping yarn by Kaffe Fasset.  This pattern goes to show that you don't have to stick to plain stripes with such yarn.  Add in a few increases, decreases, & even some purls, & you can have stripes which bend - chevrons.  I like the colours of these socks but wish I'd knitted the legs a bit longer.  Top down construction.  Ack!  Grafting.

  More socks for Mum, can't remember the manufacturer but the colourway is 'Hairdresser'.  This is another example of a self-patterning yarn.  Otherwise it's the ol' toe-up, short-row heel, stocking stitch construction.

  And yet more socks for Mum, again can't remember yarn manufacturer, but this is yet another example of a kinda self-striping yarn.  Top down construction, with flap & gusset heels.  You wouldn't believe how long it can take to construct this kind of heel.  Short-row heels I can turn in about 3/4 hour, while watching TV, used to be able to do them in thirty minutes.

  Socks for my Sis, cable twists & lace bits alternating.  The flap & gusset heels look enormous but actually fit nicely.  This time a toe-up construction, w00t.

  Socks for Sister-in-Law, lace pattern, toe-up.  I think they look quite good.  Hope she does too.

  More Socks for SiL, very standard construction, Crazy Zauberball yarn in ''Tropical Fish", or something.  Again, these are going to be Fraternal socks rather than a matching pair.

  Since then I've knitted on and a bit pairs of socks for Sis and the foot of the other sock for SiL.  Then Mum mentioned that our niece would like some more socks, if I'd like to knit some.  Patterns already selected, I can feel another yarn buying coming on!  As these are woolen socks I suppose I'd better hang on to them until next autumn.  Thinx - can I remember which pair is for whom that long?

  Ok, I'm off to do some more knitting.  Y'all have a good day now!