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Orwellian government and knitting [Jan. 9th, 2009|07:17 pm]


Can you believe this?

"From now on, while I'm knitting my preemie caps, I will be saying in a Beavis voice, "Breakin' the law, breakin' the law."

All me to un-frobnicate myself.

The earlier, erronious Joe Satriani link is just there to cheer you up.

[User Picture]From: whirling_woman
2009-01-13 03:20 am (UTC)
Umm, it's a video of Satriani playing. Albeit the man can play Old Macdonald Had A Farm and it wouod still sound amazing, but what does that have to do with knitting. Unless Joe knits? Does he knit?
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[User Picture]From: smitty1e
2009-01-18 04:13 am (UTC)

Wow, don't I feel a complete goober?

The Joe link was for the Writer's Block question.
The intended URL is proving hard to find. Sorry.
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[User Picture]From: smitty1e
2009-01-19 01:47 am (UTC)


I think I may have redeemed myself. :/
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[User Picture]From: whirling_woman
2009-01-20 10:38 pm (UTC)

Re: OK

Okay you did : )
That's too bad though, it strikes me as a good idea interpreted very poorly.

It does however reaffirm my belief that we knitters are dangerous. On a long flight I thought I would start a mohair scarf I'd had in the back of my mind for a while and then my friend told me that knitting needles were forbidden on planes now.

Seriously? I had had no idea that they could be used as a deadly weapon. No my mind is churning... you got any ideas? ;)
I wonder if my circular needles are strong enough to choke someone....
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[User Picture]From: smitty1e
2009-01-20 11:48 pm (UTC)

Re: OK

Uh, I wouldn't form the thought fully of "murder in the round",
but I daresay anyone more aware than Terry Shiavo would manage to break the murder weapon.
Which isn't to say that a weapon couldn't be _made_ to look like a connected set of knitting needs with, say, piano wire.
I've boarded aircraft and worked on projects all the time.
The whole topic is a trifle morbid, though.
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